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Thursday, August 27, 2009


After months of bugging, we finally put Cole in Karate. Or is it Taekwondo? I'm not really sure. The school is called ATA Karate but ATA stands for American Taekwondo Association. I think in America it is basically considered as the same thing. I don't know.

Taekwondo: "The Way of the Hand and Foot."

The past few weeks I've been trying to secretly take little videos of Cole during class, but it's a little hard when there are so many windows. I try to do it without being obvious so I don't distract any of the kids in the class or annoy the multi-degreed black belt instructors.

He has a 30 minute class Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. Cole really enjoys it and has quickly become a stand out among his age. They test for belts every 8 weeks and he should easily get his orange belt at the end of September.

Nathan said that when the Karate Kid movie originally came out he wanted to take karate so badly...But was sadly never able to do so. He says he wished he had because the flexibilty aspect of it would have helped him in other sports but, I really think he just wanted to wear one of those head band things like that dork Daniel-son. He couldn't resist buying the movie the other day at Target. It was only $4...Shocker!!!

I found this picture online and Nathan was all excited because he had this same poster on his wall for years as a kid. He said he put athletic tape over Ralph Macchio's eyes because he was freaked out that they followed him every where in the room.

Once again...DORK!!!

Our own little Karate Kid...And a Pretty Princess, of course!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The kids' school decided to stagger the days the kindergarteners started because they thought only having a handful at a time would help them transition better. It was a good idea except that she had to wait 5 days until her second day of school. That kind of put a downer on the excitement but, I'm sure it was beneficial for everyone.

This is Cole's first day of school. He was really not all that excited, especially since Brooke didn't have to go. This is Brooke's first day and Cole's second day. Brooke was a little bit nervous but so very excited to finally get to go to school. It's unbelievable how big they look. When did that happen?Nathan purposely worked 3rd shift and got home just in time to be a part of Brooke's first day of school. He normally gets to work by about 6:30 am.I think Cole was just as excited about the fact that Brooke actually had to go to school, too.Brooke was walking ahead of all of us way before we even got in to the building. When I dropped some supplies off at Cole's class, Brooke started pulling Nathan down the hall to hurry to get to her class.She barely gave me the time of day for a quick picture in the classroom. I didn't want her to cling to me, but once she didn't care at all...I kind of did.Turns out she didn't really need me at all. We were in shock at how easily she went. Nathan had to drag me out of there and kept telling me that she was fine. We were just so darn proud of her.

Nathan went home and went to sleep until it was time to pick up the kids. I sat on the couch for I don't know how long not sure of what I was supposed to do. I couldn't even wrap my brain around the fact that they were both at school. It almost felt as if I forgot them somewhere. The time few by and suddenly it was time to wait in the ridiculous car rider line.
We took the kids to get ice cream at Maggie Moo's right after school...They both got vanilla with sprinkles.
I didn't get a phone call, she didn't cry, she didn't have an accident, she wasn't shy...She just absolutely LOVED her first day of school!

Monday, August 10, 2009


The day after we came back from the beach was our 11 year wedding anniversary, July 18th. We had just driven all day and into the night and crashed as quickly as we could. I know that we mentioned our anniversary during the week to the kids but didn't have anything planned since we'd just done plenty on our vacation. Cole generally doesn't sleep in and usually starts playing his video games right when he wakes up. Well, for some reason, he decided to make something for us on the marker board instead. It was so incredibly special to wake up and see this waiting for us in the living room. Awwww...What a sweet boy.

Cole was not in the mood for pictures so, this was his response to my attempt to take a family photo with the timer and all. Little punk. So much for his sweetness earlier.

Nathan and the kids decided to surprise me with a special dinner at our favorite restaurant...Fuji Yama. Sometimes we call it For Your Momma. It is this fabulous little Japanese hibachi place that is soooo unbelievably good. Soup-good, salad-good, chicken-good, steak-good, shrimp-good, rice-good...Mmm Mmm GOOD!!! I want some right now just thinking about it.
You may have noticed that I changed up the songs for your listening pleasure. They all have lines in there that are meaningful and very true to our relationship. Some people find it hard to believe that you could be married to your best friend, be we don't. We've always had so much in common that being together is the easy part in life. Of course, I could go on and on to make you envious of our adorableness, but I will just leave you with pieces from the songs instead. Take a little time to clear your mind, relax, and simply listen to these sweet songs.
…I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been…

…I’m lucky we’re in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed…

…You make it easier when life gets hard…
…It's always better when we're together…

…You stand by me
And you believe in me
Like nobody ever has
When my world goes crazy
You’re right there to save me
You make me see how much I have…

…You’re more than a lover
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do…

…I don’t know where I’d be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You’re my best friend…

…You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely…

…You’ll always be my baby…

*These are the songs in case that's not what you hear playing

(I change them periodically):

Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat

Better Together by Jack Johnson

My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

Always Be My Baby by David Cook