Mostly just picture posts for the unforeseeable future. Blah but it'll have to do. Sorry, Texas.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


In the middle of Cole's All-Star fiasco, Nathan decided Cole needed hitting lessons to help him improve.  We found a guy through a guy that I work with that was pretty good but, he ended up moving to Nashville after about 6 weeks of working with him.  After football season we got hooked up with another guy that is a student assistant for the baseball team here at Union University.
He's been so great for Cole and was impressed with him from the very first lesson.  He's young but still knows what to look for and what adjustments need to be made.  He does the lessons at the field house of the University and only charges $15 for 30 minutes.  Suhweeeet!  I'll take that all day!

I didn't have the flash on in any of these photos...I didn't want to be any more distracting than I probably already was.
Nathan had me video a few of his lessons to see where Cole needs improvement and to track how he's coming along. This is just from one night about a month ago.  I know that David is pretty much throwing perfect pitches to him but, OH...MY...GOSH!  Cole may actually hit a home run over the fence this year!  And if he does, Nathan has already agreed that he owes him a new video game of his choice.

It'll be a little different when he's wearing a helmet and trying to hit off of kids that still throw pretty wild but, he's got his timing down pretty darn well and should be able to get tons of base hits with no problem.  Watching him makes us sooooo excited for baseball season to start!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


First game without Nathan there to coach.  One of the other dad's filled in but, it's hard to fill Nathan's place.  He's a great coach and talks to the kids a lot and keeps them from just running wild out there.  It was a bit of a sloppy game but, we still got the W. We won 41-36.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So Brooke has a crush.  This was what I saw when she gave me the list of names for her class for Valentine's Day.  Oh my, my, my.  She's talked about cute boys before but never as much as this one.  I immediately took this picture with my phone and sent it to Nathan. He texted back...Too cute but makes me nervous at the same time. Lol.
She says she stares at Ben all day in class so that's why she doesn't remember how to do her homework.  She's a bit of a daydreamer as it is, and then add being all googly eyed over a boy...Grrrreat.  Needless to say, her grades need improving.
She was talking to Nathan on the phone about this little boy and said she was going to marry him. Whaaa???  And then she said she chased him all over the playground because he's just so cute that she couldn't help it...But he wouldn't let her catch him because he knew she was going to kick him.  So silly. 
I thought it was adorable to hear her talk like that but Nathan didn't.  He said it's only going to get worse from here so, he may have to break down and get a shotgun by the time she's a teenager.  Most everyone has a gun of some sort around here.  Nathan kind of likes the idea of sitting there cleaning a gun when a good for nothing boy comes to pick up his precious daughter for a date.  And, yes, that happens more than you would think around here, too!  Funny but true.
Some surprise money from Nana and Pa.  Shockingly they haven't asked me once all week long to go spend it.  I'm fully expecting to be pestered about it all day Saturday until I take them.  If I don't get to sleep in at least one day this weekend, I will be CRUSHED. 
 Just kidding...Not really. :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


We played a team that had a girl on it from Cole's class and that was actually on our team last year. That team also had a boy from this year's football team.  Cole really enjoyed guarding Kenyon and playing against him.  We tried to get them on the same team together but, we didn't get signed up in time.
If somebody knows the right setting to use on your camera where indoor gym pictures come out looking good and clear, please share the secret.
Our team was awesome on defense!  Lots of people in the stands were shocked at how good our defense was for their age.  Gotta credit Coach Nathan and his drills for that one.  Great game...We won 43-25.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ooooh so beautiful and romantic, huh? 
Yes, indeed, they are...But they weren't from my husband.
What can I say, I'm a likable kind of girl and people just give me things.
Ha ha...Just Kidding!
They were from the lady that Nathan was sent to California for 3 weeks to rescue...Again.  These beauties were sitting on my doorstep the same day Nathan flew out there.  So sweet of her to do that since she knew Nathan would be gone over Valentine's Day!
Marbel, it may be hard to do but, I will also accept money and jewelry. :-)
The kids and I ate dinner by candlelight.  I just wanted it to smell good and keep us warm by the window but, Cole wanted to really turn all the lights off...Except for the TV.  Brooke was a little freaked out and, it was hard to see our food but, it was sweet at the same time.
It lasted all of maybe 10 minutes.  We had a serious dance game challenge to get to on the Wii.  Cole was winning for a while but, I shook my hips and threw my hands all around like no one was watching and brought home the win.  Booyah! :-)
While Daddy's away...Mommy and the kids will play...
And put off the laundry for another day!
Most everyone says that Cole looks JUST like Nathan.  I've never really seen an overwhelming resemblance.  Certain features, yes, but look at this boy...He does at least have the same sprinkled freckles and face shape as I do.  I mean, come on, I deserve some kind of facial recognition for that large headed 8 lb 14 oz child that left me with ridiculous, lifelong stretch marks.
If I had blue eyes, maybe he would look a little more like me.  But I don't.  I have green or hazel or whatever color they are now.
Oh my goodness, I'm so glad the week is coming to an end.  It has been such a busy week at work and dealing with the kids and attitudes and dinner and homework and laundry and practice and games and cleaning and all that jazz all by myself...I'm kinda worn out.  Oh, and my fridge decided to flip out and quit cooling in the middle of all that.  Lovely.  One week down and two more to go. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Since Nathan left for California bright and early last Thursday morning, we gave the kids their Valentine goodies the night before. 
I was in a time crunch and just went the easy way out with money.  Lame, and thoughtless, I know.  But they do like going to the store and picking out stuff so I don't think they mind much.
Love, love, love them!
A package from Grandma and Grandpa arrived Friday and the kids were pumped!
Cole got a shirt representing our high school.  SGP...Holla!  My niece that came with me to many of my volleyball games and Nathan's basketball games is a sophomore there now.  Unbelievable.  Oh, and yes, Cole fixed his own hair.  He's quite impressed with himself.
Brooke got this cute doggie thing.  These seriously were her reactions.  The first picture was just because it was a dog and, the second picture was when she pushed the button and heard the song.
Not sure why, but kids love to pick each other up.  Apparently it's super cool. 
This is what we see a lot of around here.  Crazy socks and, yep, Brooke's crack.  This is actually not that bad compared to most days.  She doesn't even care either.  Cole will tell her to pull her pants up like his eyes are on fire from the sight of it.  And sometimes he'll shout, "Ahhh, the McCracken!"
  They're nutballs and the source to my white hairs that keep popping up but,
I love them to pieces!
The doggie sings...
"When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change...
You're amazing just the way you are."

Happy Valentine's Day to all...Especially to those we love near and far!