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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Attention all home builders...Could you puhleeese start building garages just a little bit taller???  That way when some IDIOT backs out of the garage with the back door up, this mess doesn't happen...
Yep, that IDIOT is me.  What a lovely way to start off the day today.  I'm so mad at myself. I was in a hurry and just wasn't thinking.  Just plain stupid...And I can do stupid real well, y'all.
We came home from Cole's 3rd baseball game last night at nearly midnight and the battery to my garage door opener was suddenly dead.  So, when we were in a major rush to get to his game today, I figured I would back out and let Nathan push the button from the wall and just run to the car.  That was a perfectly good plan...I just completely forgot that I left the back open because he was inside filling the cooler up with ice.
Oh my, talk about the look of death I got when he heard the noise and first walked out.  I immediately started crying...while trying not to mess up my make up I had just slapped on minutes before.  Cole was already in the car and saw my face from the tears and kept saying, "It's ok, Mom."

Awww you hate to have your kids see you stressed out and in tears.  It was a complete accident but, it's still going to be an ordeal to fix.  And of course, Nathan had to leave out of town for the week soon after the game today.  Perfect timing. 

Oh, and Cole got his lips busted open in between the 2nd and 3rd games yesterday.
Grrrr!!!  This was also an accident while warming up.  The ball just took a bad hop from a hefty kid that throws the ball hard like a man and BOOM...Right in the kisser!
And as I'm writing this Brooke keeps coming out of her room saying her stomach hurts and she thinks she needs to throw up.  Geez, I need a do over of this weekend.  Let's just hope the rest of the week goes smoothly while I'm single mommin' it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Oh my, could she BE any cuter???
Every once in a while we go up to the fields on the weekend to practice...Just the 4 of us.
  We all bat but no one looks quite as cute as Brooke does.
She actually makes pretty good contact and can throw the ball fairly well but, she could care less about catching or going after a ball.  She gets annoyed with a ball coming at her and ends up walking off to run around the trees and play in the dirt. 
Of course, we do a lot of drills for Cole and make him work fairly hard but, Cole does actually try to get Brooke into it as well.
 Softball probably won't be her thing but at least we know she'll look darn cute if she ever decides to give it a try. :-)


Saturday, August 11, 2012


My son turned 10...DOUBLE DIGITS!!!  Wowza!  Ok, the shock factor is over now since his birthday was April 24th but still...It took some getting use to. We've been keeping the birthdays simple since we moved here but, this year we decided to let Cole have some friends over for a sleep over. We have a small house and a joke of a yard so, we were a little nervous about how crazy the house would get.
I got the boys nerf guns and a bazillion whistling bullets so they were highly entertained by trying to shoot each other in the head or the ding dong.  Boys are nuts but, they had a blast.
 In between all that chaos, Brooke and Carrington played with their ribbons so sweetly.
They stayed up super late playing a video game baseball tournament.
 Some didn't last as long as others. Poor thing slept in that chair like that all night long.
They went to the dinky neighborhood park down the street to play baseball.  It was rainy and pretty chilly outside so the boys threw on a mix match of stuff to keep warm.  Bryce is actually wearing my brown jacket. Lol.  These 2 pictures of them crack me up.  Do they look like a bunch of scrubs or what?
Cole, Will, Jamison, Drane & Bryce
The girls stayed home and drew pretty pictures on the door over and over again. I really like those quiet activities.
Nathan had boy duty but somehow managed to watch from the couch. :-)  It all worked though and the sleepover turned out really well. No fights, no crying, and not too much of a mess.  I'll take that for sure!
Early before school on his actual birthday.
 My little boy is turning into a little man.  Sniff, sniff.
Lots of his birthday presents consisted of baseball gear.  New shoes, new bat, new catcher's equipment.  You would not believe how quickly that stuff adds up.  Bats are outrageous.  Good for us that baseball season is around his birthday.  He often gets early presents because of that but, he'll probably get annoyed with that real soon. It works for now and he seems to be cool with it.
Awwww. They really do love each other...Even if they get on each other's nerves sometimes.

Geez my face looks swollen with sleepy eyes.  In my defense, it was early and I'm not so good at waking up.  I either slept really hard or not enough...Or maybe really hard for not long enough.
Cole was pumped to have a game on his birthday.  He kind of had a wild game because he was so excited but, we pulled out the win. 

I'm starting to think the years just go by faster from here.