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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So Nathan and I had absolutely no clue that Cole tried out for the talent show for 4H club until I go pick the kids up from after school care one day and 3 teachers are raving about how good Cole is at performing.  And that he formed this little group called the Red Hot Sneakers and they have been rehearsing during recess and their group won out of all of 4th grade.  And they now were going to perform at the Agriculture Center and compete against other schools.  Whaaa???
First of all, what do all the H's stand for in 4H Club anyway?
Second of all, who's kid is this that is so animated and so comfortable being the center of attention and loves performing for whoever will watch him?  He soooo didn't get that from me.

You MUST watch this...It really is cute and pretty stinkin' good.

Daaaang, I got the evil eye from both of them to stop taking their pictures.
Awwww...Love this one.
Bahahaha! Look at Cole so pumped that they won 1st place.
We were proud of them for winning 1st place...And boy have they bragged about it to everyone...But they always leave out the part that there were only 2 acts from within the whole county for 4th grade that showed up to perform. So they would either win 1st or 2nd and they were far better than the other one. LOL :-)
They were all so excited that their teacher came to watch. 

Awesome job Red Hot Sneakers!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After Nathan came back from his 3 weeks in California, he left 2 days later for a week in Portland.  Just lovely.  He was kind enough to send me some pictures of the beautiful mountains that I love and where he knows I've wanted to go back to go skiing on for over a decade now.
I finally sent him a text saying something along the lines that the only reason I wasn't sending him back a picture of an ugly hand gesture was because I actually HAVE enjoyed the magic of skiing before and he still WISHES he had.  I didn't get anymore pretty snow covered mountain pictures after that.  Tee hee...I'm so mean.  :-)
Nathan has never really been around snow or mountains like this so he was quite amazed by it all.  He doesn't like the cold too much but can now appreciate how great the cold is when it brings all the pretty snow.  He would absolutely love skiing. of these days.

They are all really great snowy, mountain top pictures...I'm just soooo jealous.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was so over basketball half way through because the whole YMCA program was such a joke.  So many complaints by so many people for several different reasons but, at least they are finally getting a new roof and all new flooring for the gym.  Having to cancel indoor basketball games because of rain doesn't quite make sense.

I thought I had all the games done but found one more.  We are in full baseball mode now so, I don't even feel like thinking about basketball anymore.  The team won every game and really did pretty well for not having many practices and Nathan being out of town for 4 weeks but, the whole thing was so sloppy and very rough for their age.  A little structure would've gone a long way but the refs were basically just there to get paid.

This last game came down to the wire and was so intense because the kids were all getting so wild.  One of our players made the luckiest shot ever with just 15 seconds left in the game to give us the win.  So glad we won and that it's all over.  Now on to baseball, baby!