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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just some random pictures I came across from the holidays...That don't involve Cole's sports. 

I couldn't resist getting Brooke a volleyball for Christmas.  I really hope she loves volleyball as much as I did as a teenager.  Of course, it's perfectly fine if she doesn't but still...I hope she does! :-)
A few more presents that Grandma and Grandpa brought.
Thank you, Aunt Leslie!
Forced family pics on the floor.
Oh my, Brooke loves Ginger's visits and never wants her to go back home.
The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa (and Ginger) the whole week long.

We are so thankful they came to stay with the kids during their break!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This was Cole's 2nd season to play football. He only played defense last year and not a whole lot. He was very timid out there and usually tried to avoid the play until he was sure he wasn't going to get flattened.
This year a new age group was created and Cole could either move up or stay down.  We chose to keep him down and have him be one of the older and bigger ones on the team and build his confidence instead of getting demolished another year.  Keeping him down also allowed for Nathan to coach his own team and play Cole where ever he wanted. 
So that made Cole playing Quarterback and Defensive End.  And sometimes the Punter, too.  And playing the whole game.  He worked really hard this year to toughen up and find that aggression that football requires.  He did pretty well for his first time dealing with the pressure of Quarterback AND his dad yelling at him as head coach.
We were sponsored by a local bank and given the color navy so, Nathan felt it was fitting to be named the Cowboys.  Suhweet!
Brooke wanted a shirt to wear to the games that said Cowboys on it so, her Nana sent her one all the way from Texas.  I found a smaller one of Cole's that she liked to wear, too.  It was so cute that she wanted to support her big brother.

She didn't really ever watch him though.
She always found other kids to play with pretty quickly.
I didn't really get any action shots because I was always trying to video the plays...As usual.
Nathan did such a good job giving his little pep talk speeches to the kids.  He would often mention that Coach Steven was looking down on them and was very proud of them.  I know all of the parents were very impressed with him.
Cole finally asked to cut his hair all off that he grew out all summer.  He said it was because it was getting in his eyes under his helmet.  I'm sure that it was but, I think he was also tired of fixing it before school, too.   He said he looked cooler with it gone though. :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


During Cole's All-Star Baseball drama this summer (that still makes my blood boil), Nathan became pretty close with the other assistant coach, Steven Wallace.  I never really talked to him or his wife because we always sat far away from each other but, I really wish I had because Nathan talked so highly of Steven.
During those weeks, Nathan and Steven decided to coach a football team together.  They were beyond pumped and talked or texted nearly every day.  Football practices started in late August and they worked together like a well oiled machine.  It was amazing to see how well they ran the practices and talked to the kids...Especially since it was both of their first times running the whole football show and not just assisting.
This picture above was taken by one of the dad's of the players on September 21st.  The very next night Steven suffered a massive heart attack in the middle of the night and passed away.  The word spread like wildfire.  The whole city was in absolute shock of his sudden passing and just couldn't believe it.  He was loved by so many people and greatly impacted the lives of everyone who knew him. 

Steven was 34 years old and had 5 children with his wife Sabrina.
Garret 10, Gavin 8, Nathan 4 and 7 month old twins Kyle and Kiera
Steven passed away on their 11th Wedding Anniversary.  It was also 1 week after Garrett's 10th birthday and 1 week before Gavin's 8th birthday. What was once a wonderful month of celebrations for this family has been changed forever.
These precious babies will never know their amazing daddy.  I know his family will make sure their lives are filled with stories on end about their daddy but, it will never be enough.  Absolutely breaks my heart.
Nathan and Cole took it very hard.  Cole asked to go to the funeral (he'd never been to one) and Steven's wife requested that the kids who played sports wear their jerseys at the service.  Such a beautiful thing for a man that spent the majority of his life at the ball fields.  Cole had two baseball games the day of the viewing so we didn't go to that but we heard that it took hours to get through the line because of the huge turnout.  We still stood in line about 30 minutes the day of the funeral.  Even though it was extremely difficult for her, I know Sabrina was in awe of all the people who came.  

Sabrina was in her last semester of college and was featured as a spotlight student at her school for pursuing a college education later on in life while raising a family.  Click the link above and take a minute to read her story...She's definitely an inspiration for her 5 children and those of us who didn't finish college.


Steven was such a huge part of our football team and so Nathan wanted a huge sign to hang under the scoreboard to represent him at every game.  Nathan's boss actually arranged for their company to pay for it and had it made and delivered to us in 1 day from the corporate office in St. Louis...And just in time for the first game.  Steven passed away a week before our games started and never got to see the team in action.
Nathan had the boys yell as loud as they could "Cowboys" and then "Coach Steven" at every game and practice.  I would tear up every single time I heard it.

I didn't realize it at the time I took the picture but, this is Steven's dad taking a picture of the sign.  I later found out that he put it up on Facebook.  I noticed several of Steven's visiting family members go over there at some point during and after the game.  It was so nice to see that they liked it.
Nathan also had a sticker made up to put on the helmets of all of our players.  It was awesome to see all of the kids with it on there.  It meant so much to Sabrina, too.
Brooke and Steven's 4 yr old, Nathan, played a lot during the games.  That boy is so sweet and wants to hug everyone.  When Nathan started picking up Gavin from their house for the practices and games, little Nathan would always run out and give him the biggest hug.  And he would find Nathan first thing and run under the ropes to give him a hug.  It was beyond adorable. 
Garret, who is close with Cole asked Nathan to come watch one of his games.  We stayed for 3 football games that day but it meant so much to Garrett since Steven helped coach his team, too.  This boy used to be such a punk but, he has really matured and will probably go very far in life.  He has lots of athletic ability and is very smart.  He and Cole are always neck and neck in all competition of sports and grades.  I can picture him being one of those ESPN special reports of an all star athlete that has overcome tragedy in his life and made himself a success.

Check out Garrett's black and white striped underwear...Hilarious.
Steven would've had his hands on hips and shaking his head if he'd seen that.


Sabrina invited us to come celebrate Steven's birthday in October.  They were releasing blue balloons with notes to Steven tied to the bottom.
Needless to say, it was very emotional.  Steven's kids didn't really acknowledge what was going on.  The oldest, Garrett, just ran around with his friends to keep himself distracted.  I think that's just the best he can do right now.
 Gavin showed everyone his caterpillar he found.
Little Nathan went around giving his great hugs.
Look at these babies...So sweet.
Kiera's shirt saying "Daddy's Little Girl"...Takes your breath away.
Sabrina's shirt says...Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired.  Yes, indeed.  Now she needs one that says Super Strong because she has been unbelievably amazing through all of this for the children.
Nathan will always be grateful for the friendship he had with Steven.  He says Steven taught him a lot about how to talk to the kids as a coach and how to treat them.  He will always carry their conversations with him and remember his infectious laugh.  Nathan wants to be there for his boys and watch them grow up.  The Wallace family will forever have a special place in our lives.

 You are missed so much Steven...
But we know that you are always with us.