Mostly just picture posts for the unforeseeable future. Blah but it'll have to do. Sorry, Texas.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm still blogging about Thanksgiving at the end of February but whatever. Speaking of being thankful...

Thank goodness I put our Christmas tree up on November 1st and had the house all decorated early on because out of the blue I ended up starting a full time job the Friday before Thanksgiving.

That was complete chaos to do a very awkward 10 minute interview with 3 lawyers at 5:00 pm on Thursday, get a call at 6:00 pm that night asking if I could start the very next day, and suddenly have to put the kids in after school care just like that.

Oh, and then have the kids go from being one of the very last to arrive at school in the mornings to one of the very first. Not to mention, me having to figure out how to get my rear end out of bed super early and actually have make up on before noon. Like I said...Chaos.

This is right after I got home from my interview. Nathan forced me to take this picture. Grrr.

I'd been at home since Brooke was born...7 years. That's a long time that actually flew by very quickly. Except for Brooke's first year of life because that little beauty cried sooooo much and only wanted her mommy.

The last 3 1/2 of those 7 years I did real estate research but I officed from home, made my own schedule, and could do my work in my underwear if I felt like it. Of course, I didn't...because that would be weird but still. And even when I did meet with clients it was showing mostly dirty foreclosures so I just wore jeans.

Now, I work at law firm as a legal assistant and have to look slightly more professional on a daily basis. I have to admit that it's actually kind of fun dressing up after all these years though...Especially since I get to buy pretty clothes in smaller sizes. Yay!

I have to say, as crazy and stressful as it has been with me working so much and Nathan having to pick up the mommy slack, I'm still very thankful for this job. Obviously, for the financial burden it relieves but, also for the fact that I get to really use my brain again and feel like a productive part of society. Who'd a thunk it???

By the way...Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I have no clue what's up with the font changing sizes. And I can't seem to fix it no matter how many times I slap this laptop up side its grill.

Monday, February 21, 2011


It's still hard to believe it, but we actually had family come to visit us for Thanksgiving. My oldest brother and his wife and kids made the long trip out from Texas. There's not much to offer in this little city so, I was very surprised when they mentioned coming. It was a houseful since we can't quite accommodate people like we use to but, it was still very special to have them here.
We don't need no stinking turkey! Our family really isn't a big fan of turkey so, besides the fact that I don't know how to cook one, I just flat out don't want to. So we opted to do chicken kabobs and a few other things. Luckily, my brother and his family didn't care to have all the traditional stuff either so we kept things fairly simple. I will say that it was a huge step up from the tacos we had for dinner at last year's Thanksgiving.

It was raining so Nathan had to chill with the grill in the garage.Breanna and Brooke made cookies to serve as our only dessert. That's right...No pies.
And here's all of our Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty impressive, I must say, since we rarely have more than 3 things with a meal.
We also let the kids exchange Christmas presents the day after Thanksgiving.
Breanna made Brooke this beautiful necklace out of a domino...I'm thinking I may have to borrow this idea for some teacher gifts or something. Too cute!Nobody really wanted to participate in my infatuation of pictures so I didn't end up with very many good ones. And just like that the weekend was over and the Monday after Thanksgiving kicked off my first full week at a full time job...In an office...In 7 years. Say whaaaaa?????

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Nothing fancy...Just a day with the four of us. And a little dinky cake.
Nathan isn't a sweets person so cakes really aren't his thing but, the kids insist that everyone has a cake for their birthday.So, of course, I do it while trying my very best to ignore the heavenly aroma of cake batter. Mmmmm...cake batter. No no no no no...Just say no! Ok, maybe a dunked finger or two and one teeny slither of cake BUT THAT'S IT! Cole took the next two pictures...I guess I can't hardly blame an 8 year old for how weird I look when Nathan looks that good in the photo. Awww my handsome hubby!Now this is the kind of sugar I don't think Nathan minds :)