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Friday, September 28, 2012


Nathan and the kids were sitting there so cute one Sunday afternoon in May...
And then all of a sudden Nathan got up and went to lay down...for HOURS.  He had forgotten to take his thyroid medicine that morning and just got hit with a bad case of the sleepies.
The kids and I decided to get a case of the sillies instead...
We cracked up while taking goofy pictures for absolutely NO reason at all.
Cole kept getting on to me for smiling though.  I couldn't help it.  I can only take so many bad pictures of myself...I don't want them to be used against me one day. 
 I did manage to get Cole to smile normal a couple of times.  Brooke, however, politely declined.
Sometimes you just gotta get those silly sillies out...
And it feels pretty darn good when you do.
 So glad it's Friday...
Definitely a reason to smile!


Sunday, September 2, 2012


So the cost of replacing my rear window was a whopping $290!  OUCH!  That's a huge deal to me.  Makes me sick because it was completely unnecessary, wasted money that wouldn't have been spent if I hadn't forgotten my brain and shattered it. Some people may laugh at such a foolish move and say it's no big deal, but definitely not me.  I cried and felt so awful at the cost.  If somebody had sent me that gigantic winning lottery ticket already, I might have been laughing, too.  Maybe one of these days.
The window repair guy said he does about one of these types of senseless repairs a week.  Well, cool...At least I'm not the only idiot in town. :-)