Mostly just picture posts for the unforeseeable future. Blah but it'll have to do. Sorry, Texas.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Now that summer is in full swing and I'm still posting about stuff in January, which is beyond lame, this is my attempt to catch up and be only one season behind by throwing together a bunch of randomness. This post may not make any sense but I can't stand not putting up some of these pictures and being so far behind on the blog is really annoying me to the point where the thought crossed my mind of stopping it all together. Don't worry, Mom, I won't really do that because having these memories to look back on means way too much to quit.


Valentine's Day
(or the night before actually because Nathan couldn't wait any longer...Yes, seriously)
Of all the things Cole got, he was the most pumped about these $3 wristbands.
And Brooke loved that cheapie little dog I grabbed at the last second the most.
Random dress up day at school. The kids love those free days from their uniforms and will beg to participate even if it requires Mommy to stay up late preparing for it. They had to bring a book and dress up as a fictional character in that book. Cole as a baseball player...Easy. Brooke as a ballerina and insisting on a tutu...Not so much.She already had a little outfit but we felt it the skirt was a little inappropriate for school. So, at the last minute, I stapled together a tutu with stuff I just happen to have lying around and found a way to make it all work.
Nathan was the super cool parent and did lots of fun things with the kids while on they were on Spring Break. He used one of his vacation weeks and they went to the movies, the park, Sonic for shakes, Blockbuster, Chuck E Cheese, and even came all the way out to my work to eat lunch with me one day.
This is proof that filling out those surveys on your receipts to possibly win something REALLY does work! Nathan filled out a survey from a Best Buy receipt and months later got a call that he'd won something. All he had to do was tell the code the lady gave him to our local store manager to claim his prize but she couldn't tell him what it was.

He texted me immediately getting way too excited about what it could be. I told him he'd better calm down so he wouldn't be disappointed when they told him he won a printer or a microwave. He got there and his choice was a computer or a 55' flat screen TV. Say whaaa???

Uhhhh of course, he chose the TV! He was out of his flippin' mind with excitement! They delivered the TV and after about a week he called to see if they would exchange it because the sound and picture quality was horrible for how much it costs. Surprisingly, they gave him no problems about it and he even got a free Blue Ray DVD player thrown in with it since it was a special with a TV purchase.

So now we have this giant $1,500 Toshiba TV and a Blue Ray DVD player in our small living room that we got all for FREE! We didn't even have to pay our ridiculous 9.75% tax either! Unbelievable! Oh, and the receipt he did the survey off of was from a digital camera that he bought for work so, it wasn't even something we paid for. LOL...Score!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yep, it's June. It's hot and only gonna get hotter. Kind of makes you appreciate those cold days where you warmed your buns up by the fire.

We had a few bouts of snowball fun this past winter and the kids got some extra days off from school. And those snow days didn't even have to be made up (or the after the bad storm days). Awesome school system, I know.

Enjoy reminiscing the chilly days in pictures while your shirt is stuck to your sweaty back from just going to check the mail real quick. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's amazing how life can change so much in a year's time, isn't it? Not too long ago, Nathan told me that he couldn't wait until I could put on the blog that he was a yearly survivor of cancer like I have for my mom. It was at the very bottom of the blog but I just recently moved it to the sidebar. He couldn't quite decide when he would mark his 1 year anniversary of surviving thyroid cancer since he had 2 surgeries within 3 weeks and found out that it actually was cancer in the middle of that. He thought about it for a while and chose for it to be May 24th since that was the day when the cancer was removed completely. Just a little FYI...The 3 colors were selected 12 years ago by thyroid cancer survivor who is a volunteer for the nonprofit ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association. The deep blue/purple represents the throat energy center, pink represents spiritual influences in healing, and teal is a healing color. The 3-color combination also emphasizes the variety of situations with thyroid cancer, because there are different types of thyroid cancer, and it affects people in all age groups from young children through seniors.Nathan's incision has definitely improved since his surgeries. This is what his scar looks like 1 year later. It's not that noticeable since he's gotten some sun but it's still looks a bit like a zipper. That's cool though because I know how to work zippers. :) I know I'm proud of him, the kids are proud of him, our parents, friends and family are proud of him but, I hope that Nathan himself is proud to say...

Life doesn't always make sense but, we have to try and do the best we can with what we're given. And whether we like it or not...Life goes on. And when life is hard it doesn't hurt to flash a smile and just go with the flow.