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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Cole had an awesome Spring season this year!  He killed it as catcher and also did well when pitching.  This was his best season so far in hitting even though he went through a few slumpsI haven't finished putting his video clips together so it's just pictures for now.  This first one is by far one of my favorites.  He digs wearing eye black and would sometimes paste it on like his favorite pro, Bryce Harper, of the Washington Nationals. 
This is a great picture...The pitcher's dad is talking to the catcher (Cole) and the catcher's dad (Nathan) is talking to the pitcher. 
William spent a lot of time with Cole showing him pointers about blocking as a catcher.  Cole does amazing when he wants to but just doesn't really want to be the catcher.  It's very hard on your body and you work harder than any other position.  He really can play anywhere but he really stands out as catcher.  I hope he doesn't give it up all together.
Cole got the breath knocked out of him when diving at home plate to tag a kid out.  I can't remember if he got him, I just remember how it made me stop breathing for a minute wondering if he was ok.
Cole had a great season as a player, but a very rough season as the head coach's son.  I don't know if it was just that age where he decided to be a little turd towards his dad and have the "I-know-everything-and-don't-care-what-you-say-attitude" or what, but it was down right awful sometimes.  I would often tell Cole to just say yes sir and be quiet. At the end of the season, Nathan said he may not need to coach Cole anymore.  Sad but probably true.  Nathan pulled Cole to the side and talked to him several times during every game.  It was hard on both of them, not to mention, on Momma having to watch it all.
Overall we had a great team with great parents.  The first half of the season we were undefeated and playing well, but then the tougher teams came around.  It's hard when you only have a handful of kids that are true ball players.  Even though it was a fun season, I think travel ball may be the way to go in order for Cole to have more competition.