Mostly just picture posts for the unforeseeable future. Blah but it'll have to do. Sorry, Texas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Summer is over, the kids have already been in school for three weeks, fall baseball practice started tonight, the city football draft is tomorrow, and yet I'm still posting about our Springtime happenings on this stinkin' blog. It's so ridiculous really.

Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures with short and sweet descriptions because that's just the best I can do for a while until I can catch up on this crazy thing.


Egg Hunt at Nathan's work...the week before Easter. It was cold and the kids really weren't all that into it...But they looked cute. And the kids couldn't quite figure out why a wanna be Tigger was there. Uhhh...Good question.Cole's birthday actually fell on the same day as Easter this year. I already posted about his birthday. That day was a whip switching between Easter and birthday stuff.

Field Day

I felt awful that I couldn't be at Field Day or Awards Day for the kids. I just couldn't pull it off on my lunch hour with working nearly 30 minutes away from the school and still being a couple of weeks shy of earning my sick days. Nathan did the best he could with videoing and taking pictures but, it's just not the same as physically being there.

Awards Day

Cole and Brooke both got All A's and Made the Principal's list all year long. And Brooke actually got perfect attendance, too. My babies did so good!

Fun with Friends

The boys and girls were "texting" each other messages and doodles on their DS contraptions. It was cute to watch them taking it so seriously like they were all grown up little teenagers.
Just a few more years and those will be cell phones. Oh my.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


After months and months and months of wishing, wanting, and saying we were going to do a girls weekend, we finally made it happen.

Our original plan was to drive down to Austin straight from the airport but we ended up deciding to stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Mostly because the area is much more familiar to us and we wouldn't be wondering the jam packed and often insane streets of Austin like lost little pups.
Jenna and I have been friends since kindergarten and have always been able to pick up right where we left off...No matter how long it's been since we've seen or heard from each other. We just enjoy the moments that we get to share together.
We are in different places in our lives, actually even different states, but yet we are still able to give each other advice on what's going on at any given time.

Love this girl and our friendship!
And look at Jenna's sweet baby girl. I was so glad that Avery let me hold her and love on her. She's such a good baby and it was awesome to see Jenna in the mommy zone.Girls just wanna to fun...And we did. Can't wait to do it again!
This trip to Texas wouldn't have been possible without my father-in-law being oh so generous enough to let me use some of his frequent flier miles. Suhweeeet! I was so grateful that he did that for me but that meant I had to actually go on an airplane. It had been 11 years since I'd flown and that was on a horrible AirMexico plane to Cancun. Cancun was so much fun but that plane had duct tape holding stuff together and was so rocky. Not cool.

Needless to say, I was nervous on the flight out. I could feel the stares from the people around me wondering why I was holding my hands so tight and sitting up stiff as a board. I was much more relaxed on the flight back...Except for that 3 year old little brat that threw a fit the majority of it. Grrrr!!! Nooo, her ears didn't hurt or anything. She just wanted to go switch seats constantly and no toy was good enough for her. And her parents thought it was cool to just "ignore her" until she stopped yelling. Helloooo!!! That's not the best tactic when it's in a public place and affecting others around you. I'm just sayin'.

Uhhhh anyway...
My first GIRLS WEEKEND was a blast!
Thanks again, Jenna!