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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm getting way out of order on posts but I couldn't wait to put this one up.  If you know Brooke and how shy she can be, you'll understand why this was such a huge deal.

The talent show at school is a fund raiser for Relay for Life and each participant has to pay $10 to enter.  She and her friend Reese decided they wanted to sing "Mean" by Taylor Swift together.  They made up moves and practiced all night during a sleepover the weekend before.  Nathan and I really weren't sure Brooke would actually get up on stage in front of the whole school and do it...Especially since she'd never really done anything like that before.  Boy, were we sooo wrong!
This was both of their first times to ever perform anything like this and it was in front of about 700 people. UN-BEE-LEEEE-VABLE!  I was always in choir but, this is something I was never brave enough to do.  

Brooke is the one you can hear singing loud and clear.  I apologize for the poor video quality but, I was standing at the back of the gym and my hands were shaking so bad because I was so nervous for Brooke. 

Nathan and I were both in tears.  Our baby girl wowed us and left us in shock and nearly speechless of her hidden performance skills.
She just looks so grown up and so beautiful.
Nathan said he cried all the way back to work. Awwww.
Brooke Celeste, you just don't know how proud we are of you!
Simply amazing that you did this and did such an awesome job!
We love you to pieces!